Padum Yapa



Padum Yapa



Act. Superintendent Occupational Therapist


Hon. Secretary,                                     Sri Lanka Society Of Occupational Therapists.

Former Head and Act. Superintendent Occupational therapist,                                Department of occupational Therapy,                            Rheumatology and Rehabilitation Hospital,                                      Ragama, Sri Lanka.

Former Clinical Superviser at RRH.

1st Sri Lankan Delegate for World Federation of Occupational Therapy





Is the Hon. Secretary of the sri Lanka Society of occupational Therapists since 1988.

Has organized 5 International Occupational Therapy congresses under his secretaryship.


Is from  the very first batch of sri Lankan Occupational Therapists who joined to the service in 1978, trained from the School of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

So he is a one of the most senior Occupational Therapist in Sri Lanka.


Is the Former Head and Act. Supirintendent of Department of Occupational Therapy In Rheumatology and Rehabilitation hospital of Sri Lanka.

That Department is the largest Occupational Therapy Department in Sri Lanka.


Is a Journalist in Occupational Therapy. Has written so many articles for sri lankan newspapers ( Lakbima, Divaina, Tharuni etc.)

Has worked fo improve public awareness about Occupational Therapy treatments and Disableed accessibility.


Is a Member of the board of CDCE study in Health sciences, Faculty of medicene, University of Kelaniya


Is a Member of the board of EB examinations For OTTs at ministry of health,Clinical superviser & Part time tutourfor OTTs


Is the former President of the  Buddhist Society at RRH


Was a past pupil of Richmond College, Galle.





It should promote Physical, Mental, Spiritual and Social well being among the public through upgrading Occupational Therapy Health Knowledge, Treatment Facilities, and Services available.


I am willing to devote my experiences, Knowledge and Capacities for that purpose.